Why Transfer Tooling is for You

Why Transfer Tooling Is For You

How would you rate your current molder? This could be a scary question to ask, but if you have been experiencing any pain points, it is important to make time to investigate.

At Metro Plastics, we have compiled a list of the main pain points customers felt with their previous molder. Here is what they said:

Quality Control

In working with complex tooling and parts, it is imperative to ensure the part is accurate in all critical dimensions. Some common issues experienced with other molders were inconsistent dimensions, excessive flash, burns, shorts, and other cosmetic discrepancies. Metro’s Metrology Lab specializes in the automated inspection process to ensure repeatable, accurate results. When you begin your tool transfer to Metro Plastics, our Metrology team first requests sample parts to create a unique, in-spec automated inspection process. This reduces downtime once the tool arrives at our facility and helps the sampling process go smoothly. Our quality technicians are also able to determine any causes for concern in design or manufacturability during this time.

Metro Plastics
^Metro Plastics invests in metrology equipment to suit our expectations of accuracy and repeatability.

Capacity Issues

Limited capacity at a molding facility can inhibit other manufacturing aspects like on-time deliveries. Some of our transfer customers had fallen victim to this with their previous molder at no fault of their own. Metro Plastics is expanding its capacity with three new machines this year to ensure efficient scheduling at the presses.

Proven Process

Our proven process takes your in-spec samples from automated inspection to production within a week once your tool arrives at our facility! A key component to making this process seamless is communication among all departments. If your current molder is lacking communication, you may be experiencing some of these issues: unscheduled production runs, missing deadlines, customer service delayed responses, cosmetic and functional part deformities, lack of capabilities leading to outsourcing, and delay in shipments. Sound familiar? At Metro Plastics, we won’t stop until your part exceeds your expectations.

Metro Advantage

In order to successfully accomplish a tool transfer with the above specialties, Metro Plastics relies on other facets of mindful manufacturing like preventative maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is a key program for a successful manufacturing facility. Metro Plastics has a multi-faceted PM program to ensure just that! We understand your tool is your investment, and we want to preserve your investment to the best of our ability.

Of course, there will always be unplanned situations but avoiding any type of emergency with equipment can really make the difference. Breakdowns and malfunctions mean downtime and downtime means lost dollars and unhappy customers.

Metro Plastics
^Upon a transfer, the tool is inspected and prepped for sampling, later returning for a scheduled PM.

Metro has a custom computer program that helps in scheduling preventive maintenance on all equipment and the tools; this is a valuable piece of the process. Metro generally has somewhere around 600 active molds at any given time (multi-cavity) and over 27 molding presses with each press having a material-dryer and thermolater or chiller and a robot! We will let you mathematicians figure out the number of moving parts there! Without the assistance of a computer program to organize all of this, it would be a very difficult activity to manage.