Precise Applications in Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Precise Applications in Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Elevate your molding experience to a higher level of accuracy 

with precision applications

Tight tolerance is usually considered to be between +/-.002 inches and +/-.001 inches. Fit and tolerance for complex parts in aeronautics, aerospace, medical, and life-sciences are often critical in functionality.

When quality and performance can’t be compromised, the Metro Advantage is for you.

Metro has been a leading authority on plastic injection molding for almost 50 years. Our team has gained unparalleled knowledge of industry-specific practices including precision applications.

The Metro Advantage includes unmatched added value and 3 Major Points of Consideration for your high-precision parts:

1.       Mold design/part design

      a.    Your manufacturer and design teams work with each other from start to finish to optimize design and function for your mold and processing.

      b.   Proper tooling solutions and process conditions including press settings, automation options and quality applications are vital points.

2.       Material selection

      a. Choosing the ideal resin for your part and for the most favorable outcome during production is essential; consider additives and behavior of the material.

      b.  Warping and shrinkage are crucial resin considerations.

3.       Processing

      a. Cooling time, fill time, and gating are among elements to be considered, tested and assessed. Metro’s on-site Metrology Lab provides immediate results and easy communication.

      b. You can rely on Metro Plastics Technologies’ proven processes and precision applications.

To compete at a high molding level, several considerations must go in to the making of a precise part. Any drop in temperature, added moisture, or just the opposite of those can lead to failed parts and unsatisfactory results. Don’t waste time trying to perfect something Metro Plastics already masters. Your precision applications deserve the best molding experience.