Metal Detectable Plastics Applications

Metal Detectable Plastics Applications

Could Metal Detectable Plastics solve some of your production problems?

Some industries are givens when it comes to applying plastics with metal detectable capabilities; food processing and packaging are the obvious; but, manufacturing, specifically medical and pharmaceutical supply manufacturing, is fast gaining in utilization and increasing all the time.

Compliance requirements and tolerance capacities for all of the aforementioned industries are constantly increasing as well.

Do you have the knowledge for what plastic resin(s) may best serve you and your project?

It’s not just about contamination issues, which is what we normally think…today we can consider actually producing manufacturing equipment out of plastic resins with alloy additives.

These metal detectable plastics provide options for replacing processing component parts traditionally made from steel and lower performing plastics. Some engineering polymers offer strength, and wear-resistance; think guides and rollers for conveyors, for example.

Possible benefits outside of reduced liability regarding contamination:

·        Reduced wear

·        Lower weight

·        Less noise (compared to metal)

·        Lower cost

·        Resistance to chemicals 

·        Temperature tolerance

However, you must keep in mind that there are multiple types of metal additives for multiple grades of plastics.

You need an expert in plastic choice and how metal detectable plastics may be able to help you on your projects or even in producing your own products.

Part of what you receive in being a Metro customer, is what we call the Metro Advantage…that is, unsurpassed customer service and added value such as guidance in material choice and application.

In addition, there are other resin additives outside of alloys that Metro can help you apply in your manufacturing process. Have you considered the benefits of glass, yet? We can help!