“Hello! Metro Plastics Here, How Can I Help You?”

Have you ever worked in customer service? Think of the last time you had some type of communication with a customer service representative…how did it go? CS is often a thankless job. The day-in and day-out of order entry, handling the challenges, and meeting demands often go unnoticed; unfortunately, rarely does anyone call to just say, “thank you.” And, of course, the last year has been especially tough for those in any type of service position.

Metro values its customers and staff and the commitment it takes for both to be successful. We hope you will observe the celebration of Customer Service Staff members with us.

How important is CS to your business and to consumers?

  • 33% of customers who abandoned a business relationship last year did so because personalization was lacking.     Accenture
  • Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.      Microsoft
  • When asking consumers what impacts their level of trust with a company, offering excellent customer service ranked number one. Dimensional Research

Keep these stats in mind as you reach out to a business or decide who will handle your product manufacturing!

Who are the Heroes?

Managing the entire ordering and scheduling process is truly a feat not for the weary! It’s a juggling act to keep customers and each of the other manufacturing departments happy. Metro is a CUSTOM shop with long and short runs of hundreds of molds which brings on so many variations in planning! The relationship built with both new and seasoned customers requires trust and respect…empathy, knowledge, adaptability and perseverance. Metro has to convey these qualities for their customers to be successful.

It’s not unusual for members of the Metro CS Team to walk out on the manufacturing floor to check status of an order and to see and touch the parts. How many shops of this size and capacity can say that? In fact, our team has gone to the length of organizing assembling parties to complete large orders in a timely fashion. You can often find one of the Metro CS Heroes on the floor assembling parts, checking on a machine’s vitals, packaging product, loading a shipping container, or inspecting parts for accuracy.

Having said that, let’s look at a few of the Super Hero Customer Service Staff of Metro Plastics Technologies, Inc. and what a crucial part they play in the success of the whole.

Our first Super Service Hero is represented by Kellie. Kellie is our order processing hero who can boldly leap tall stacks of orders with strength and a smile! There is no one better at communicating the facts and organizing multiple product lines that include both customer and proprietary goods. Kellie goes out of her way to assist a customer with any question.

The second Super Service Hero operates a vendor managed inventory program that requires dedication with what may seem like the power of foretelling the future! Knowing a customer’s needs is one of Lisa’s strengths. Lisa uses her power of foretelling to not only plan for Metro’s scheduling needs but for the customer’s as well. It is incredibly important for our customers to know when their parts are being molded, packaged, and shipped. Through various communication channels, customers stay up to date on their latest shipments and orders; tracking the orders on their course through Metro and out our doors.

The next couple of powers belong to a team of organizational wizards. Metro has a crack team to schedule production and shipping and to meet that demand. The Wonder Twins themselves would have a hard time equaling the adaptability and adjustability of team members Brian and Joy. Brian, our scheduling guru, works diligently with everyone in customer service plus carries the added weight of the production floor communication. As he understands what the incoming orders are, he also receives communication from floor supervisors pertaining to job changeovers, samplings, and press updates. Working with Brian, we have Joy, who has mastered the art of shipping with dignity and ease. She pulls tight on the reigns of her resources to capture the best rates with the most convenience for our customers. She organizes the warehouse in such a way that the Riddler himself would have a hard time placing clues unseen. Coordinating the schedule of quality part production, warehousing, and shipping the parts to the customer…that is what this Dynamic Duo achieves every day!

Another heroic aspect of Metro is that we do not utilize a cookie cutter call center or employ an outsourced group to answer questions and deal with customers. The entire team is located in one secret lair and interact with each other daily; from engineering to shipping, one team!

The power is now in your hands. Use it wisely. Value those who support your goals and strive daily to exceed expectations. Engage the customer service staff on your team to make the connections that matter most to your customers. Do business with other companies who operate in the same likeness. Thank you, Customer Service Heroes!

You can investigate Metro for yourself. Plan a trip to Noblesville. Take a plant tour. Spy on our socials.