Direct Support Staff sustain successful Manufacturing

Providing a company with intentional organization and attention to detail, direct support staff are crucial to the success of any business.

April 27th is Administrative Professionals’ Day! Thank you to those who provide direct support to the world of manufacturing.

What do you think of when you hear that someone has an administrative position? Initially, in the “old days,” people thought an administrative position was the same as a “secretary.” Not to slight anyone who is considered a secretary, but today, we hope people respect the responsibilities of those who hold an administrative title in high regard, especially in the world of plastic manufacturing.

We started ruminating on the subject and thought we should take the time to look up the meaning. Webster’s states that “administrative” relates to the management of a company or organization. We agree! What the people who fill these positions allow is those at the forefront and who are sometimes the recipients of the accolades to do their jobs in a more efficient way. Administrative job duties can vary widely, not just from job to job, but from day to day at the same job; on any given day, they may perform a variety of tasks. They don’t have “management” in their title, but we guarantee they manage as much as anyone who does carry that title. And if we are honest, direct support staff provide care in areas outside of their responsibilities: mental, social, emotional, and spiritual support.

Webster’s states that “administrative” relates to the management of a company or organization.

One of the reasons Metro has been able to have such success with their administrative set is often these staff members start in other positions in the company and work their way up. This allows loyalty and knowledge that might not be found without navigating their way through the trenches, so to speak. Allowing insight into how other departments function that those in upper management may not even be privy can give our managers a distinct advantage.

Metro Plastics definitely has some exceptional staff members who sport a title containing “administrative” including Administrative Assistant, Engineering Administrator, and HR Administrator. These folks are instrumental to what makes the company run as smoothly and successfully as it does. These associates are vital to the day in and day out of the plastic injection molding process.

Let’s look at the support roles we have at Metro. Think of business as an actual building. These critical positions would be the support beams, trusses and joists that hold up the walls, floors, and roof; we would not be able to stand without them.

Administrative Assistant

When you walk into our facility, you are immediately greeted by one of our administrative team members who is of paramount importance.  The core duties and responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant revolve around supporting others.

Everyone at Metro has primary functions and the administrative individual that occupies the front desk is one of the most significant posts. Reflect on it for a moment, have you ever walked into a business with an empty reception area? It leaves you feeling awkward, slightly anxious and unwelcome. That’s not how we want our customers to feel.

This individual must have knowledge about each and every station, function, and department of the business to accurately answer inquiries and/or direct those who call on Metro. Being the initial contact for those who call upon Metro, this person is the “gate keeper.” Afterall, the face of the company is not necessarily its founder, it’s often a communicative representative and this direct support staff is essentially the face of the company. This position picks up a lot of the tasks that may not be directly named as a responsibility…in other words, items that might fall through the cracks often go to these individuals.

HR Administrator

Another crucial direct support staff member is one that provides support and back-up for the human resource manager. This team member may present orientation for new employees, information on company policies, as well as explain benefit programs. This is an individual that not only needs to know about each staffing position but also have the skill set and characteristics to communicate with employees in changing environments and situations. Often, the person in this position is open and receptive. Employees, whether fresh to the business or seasoned with years of experience, come to our HR administrator seeking not only information regarding the company but also therapeutic advice in personal affairs.

Engineering Administrator

Performing administrative duties in support of engineers, an engineering administrative assistant may also be responsible for overseeing the organization’s technical library. They may help compile procedural manuals, which could include editing technical drawings and other diagrams.

Other Direct Support Staff Positions

Teamwork keeps the business flowing in an upward trend. Other indispensable team members that are vital support include material handlers, mold setters, and our scrap recycling team. Not traditional administrative by any means but no less imperative.

Material handlers assist in maintaining our entire production floor; warehouse assistants participate in inventory audits then help our warehouse and purchasing managers; our scrap and recycling specialists keep our carbon footprint to a minimum…many others without whom Metro could not continue to flourish.

Before you choose who will handle your next plastic injection molding project, consider a tour of the facility. Ask questions of the front desk admin and other direct support staff: Did they climb the ladder within the company? Do they know how they support and add value to the company’s success?

These are things you may not think of when you go to make that decision but we promise you the answers to these questions will tell you a story and help in your assessment of choices.