What’s housed in this 72,000 sq. ft. facility is what makes American manufacturing essential. It doesn’t just hold machines and resin. It holds people. People who take your plastic project seriously. People who know the expectation is not set to merely achieve but to surpass. People who understand you had a choice, and that you chose American manufacturing.

Don’t be fooled; our 25+ machines, automated processes, and choices in material are exceptional in their own right. But this facility is more than fancy instruments. It houses years of experience, relationships, and reputation. The backbone of this company is in the faces of the ones assessing your part strategically and carefully. They utilize their resources to serve you in the best way.

We don’t take the luxuries of this facility for granted: the climate controlled production floor; the bright lighting; the open space; the available resources. Instead, we hold them dearly as a conduit of change, innovation, and creation.