Plastic injection mold making
set to our standard, exceeding your expectations

Metro Plastics’ goal of having the best tooled molds in a cost-effective process led us to create a 20-page tooling standard that defines our stringent parameters for tool making. Metro’s attention to detail guarantees you are getting the best mold for your money. The level of quality and craftsmanship outlined in our tooling standard is the very standard by which our partners are upheld.

It takes years of experience and intentional effort to establish international relationships built on trust and accountability.  Metro’s engineering staff has crossed that body of water for you…literally.  Our relationship with domestic and international molding partners safeguards you.

We raise the standard for you

When it comes to plastic injection mold making, you have options!

  • Prototype
    Limited quantity prototype parts; market testing; <500 parts
  • Low Run Production Mold
    For use with non-abrasive materials; limited runs; aluminum or MUD tooling; typically <10,000 parts annually
  • Medium to High Run Molds
    Hardened tool steel; most common price-range; tool design built to our internal standard; automated lifters or slides, good with abrasive materials; cold runners with the exception of a few hot runners; typically 100,000 to 1 million parts annually
  • Extremely High Run Mold
    Hardened tool steel; tool design built to our internal standard; multi-cavity, fully automated; generally hot runners; typically 1 million or more parts annually

Transfer or Take-over Tooling

Transfer tooling is another area where Metro can help. If you are experiencing quality issues or capacity issues with your current molder, you can transfer your existing tool to Metro for a seamless shift in production.