Who We Are

We mold Relationships. We are a successful plastic injection molding manufacturer, who provides on-the-job training at every level. We believe that molding relationships is just as crucial to our success as molding parts.

What We Do

We mold Plastics. When you join our team, you will play a part in the production of custom-made plastic parts for products that you probably never even thought of…like the little hidden gears that turn when you pull the string to raise your blinds.

Our Community

We mold Community. Metro Plastics not only offers traditional benefits like health insurance and a 401k package, but also offers partnership among departments, a place to plant a garden in our shared space, a ride on one of our provided bicycles, or the use of our on-site exercise equipment.

Welcome to the family

It’s true that when you join the Metro Plastics Team you will become part of a plastic injection molding company that has a stable record of profitability and growth. But, you will also become part of the Metro family. You are more than an ID badge, more than your scheduled hours, more than the amount of parts you touch during your shift.

You are family.

What does a work family look like? It looks like a clean work environment that is climate controlled with ergonomic positioning at every machine to ensure safety and flexibility. It looks like a staff who is ready to support any facet of the operation to ensure efficiency. It looks like team leaders who are comfortable enough to encourage transparency within the day-to-day tasks.

We grow as a family

Metro offers tuition reimbursement programs to encourage furthering your passions and career goals that may require additional education. We partner with local community colleges and programs that provide opportunities for working adults as they navigate home life, work life, and a degree.

In addition to promoting advancement for you as an employee, Metro believes it is important to participate in giving back to the local community. You may choose to get involved in projects like Serve Noblesville, Million Meal Movement, or other desired outreach programs. You can also participate in team building activities like our annual fishing derby.

If you would like to explore exceptional opportunities at a unique manufacturer, click on the link below to search our available job listings.