Applications: Metal Detectable Plastics

Metal Detectable

Metal detectable plastics ensure consumer safety for several highly sensitive environments; including, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing and packaging. 

| How it works |

A ferrous metal powder is compounded into the base resin.  Facilities that need to monitor contaminates in the product will have metal detection equipment installed.  If a piece of the metal detectable plastic part would break off, the equipment could detect it before getting to the end user. 

 The benefits to this technology are endless. Plastic components are less costly than their stainless-steel counterparts and have longer intervals between replacements, putting more money back into the company pocket. They also provide lower noise emissions due to their plastic, lightweight construction. However, due to the natural composition of plastics, these components could pose a safety hazard, and if detected too late, could result in a large financial burden to the company.

The threat of contamination in food processing, food packaging, and pharmaceutical industries pushes the demand for stricter safety protocols, one of which pertains to the manufacture of those goods. At Metro Plastics, our top priority is you; your top priority is your end user. Together, we work to ensure safety in every plastic injection molded product meeting industry-specific regulations. Metal detectable plastics limit the chances of plastic contaminating a product before it even reaches the end user.


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